1.)  Scandinavian Design merchandise is warranted to the original retail purchases, for normal household use, for a period of one year from the date of purchase and/or delivery, whichever is later. Any merchandise defective in material or workmanship will at Scandinavian designs option be repaired, replaced, Or the amount paid therefore refunded. The item in question must be returned to Scandinavian design store for the purchase took place along with the original sales invoice.

EXCEPTIONS AND EXCLUSIONS- To the extent any of the following exclusions are prohibited by the applicable law of any state or municipality, they shall not be applicable.

a.)  There are no express warranties except as set forth herein and any implied warranties are limited in the scope and duration to that of the express warranty.

b.)  There is no warranty covering consequential or incidental damages, or incidental expenses including injury to property or person.

c.)  We make no guarantees representations regarding wood color or grain. All natural woods vary in color or grain.

d.)  Scandinavian Design cannot guarantee leather against inherent flaws (markings which occur in the hide when the animal was alive).

e.)  Scandinavian design makes no warranty or guarantee whatsoever as to where in quality and colorfastness of the upholstery fabrics, and will except no adjustments, claims, or credits for these properties. The swatch samples should not be regarded as it is exactly the color that will be pretty as for any given order. Color consistency usually varies from dye lot to dye lot.

f.)  In today’s homes, apartments, and offices with greater use of glass, some attention should be paid to protecting the upholster furniture, leather furniture, and wood furniture from sunlight (direct or indirect).  Softening or alteration of the color or fading will occur, if these are not protected.

g.)  Our estimate of when we will receive merchandise you have ordered is based on past experience and on commitments by manufacturers. Due to many factors beyond our control, these estimates should never be considered as promises. For upholstered merchandise, delivery is dependent upon fabric availability and manufacturers production schedule. Liability for nondelivery is limited to refund or deposit.

h.)  This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from state to state.


1.)  If you are unable to be home on the agreed-upon delivery day, please call us the previous day. Otherwise, it will be a minimum redelivery and stocking charge of $50.

2.)  Please call our store probably at the time of delivery if you have received damaged or defective merchandise.

3.)  Scandinavian Design, at its option, will repair or replace concealed damage if reported within (3) days of the delivery.


1.)  Scandinavian design requires payment in full at time of delivery or as greed upon a time of purchase.

2.)  There will be a minimum $30 charge for a return check.

3.)  Purchasers agree that Scandinavian design reserves a security interest in the items described in this order (“the goods”) until there has been payment in full in all checks given in payment have cleared. In the event of nonpayment or any checks received in payment or return to Scandinavian Design due to insufficient funds or for any other reason, Scandinavian Design shall have the option of immediate repossession of the goods. Upon request, purchaser agrees (1) to probably return the goods to Scandinavian design, (2) to pay any costs or expenses incurred by Scandinavian design in repossessing of the goods, and (3) to pay for any damage or injury to the goods.


1.)  Special order merchandise cannot be canceled and deposit is nonrefundable.

2.)  Any merchandise that is returned after delivery will be subject to a 30% restocking charge.