Stressless Wing – a classic, elegant recliner
Luxurious with a modern look for those with a classic sense of style. The Stressless Wing was launched in 1994, and is one of our most popular designs ever. Behind the timeless surface lie state-of-the-art mechanics and patents, providing what you’ve come to know as the one true Stressless sitting experience.


Classic, Signature, Leg Comfort and Office Bases are available for the Wing chair

Style: "harrt"


Made from laminated European beach, a light colored wood with an attractive green, exceptionally suitable for staining in various colors. Also, the strength ofthe wood makes beach furniture extremely durable


Black, Chestnut, Sand, Taupe, Light Grey,and Chocolate in Paloma leathers. Dark Brown, Grey and Olive Brown in Pioneer leather.Sand and Chestnut with the Leg Comfort base.


Various home settings